Dominique Walker

Dominique  Walker
Light is my earliest memory and constant curiosity. Capturing the way light defines and shadows connect is my relentless muse. The quiet tread of shadows knitting together. The way light reveals and plays around the edges of form. Moving through the West Coast wilds I’m constantly inspired. Whether its trying to capture the cool morning light of alpine meadows, the filtered light of the deep rainforest or the last waves of warmth dancing across the Pacific. It is the place I can be still with reflected wonder.
Featured Piece
Dominique  Walker Arbutus Ridge

Arbutus Ridge
- Oil on Canvas
40 x 30 in
101 x 76 cm

Dominique  Walker Lemon Bowl
Lemon Bowl
Oil on Canvas  
10 x 10 in
25 x 25 cm
Dominique  Walker Meadow Musing
Meadow Musing
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 30 in
60 x 76 cm
Dominique  Walker Meadow Walk
Meadow Walk
Oil on Canvas  
8 x 8 in
20 x 20 cm
Dominique  Walker No Bites
No Bites
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 30 in
60 x 76 cm
Dominique  Walker On The Coast
On The Coast
Oil on Canvas  
12 x 24 in
30 x 60 cm
Dominique  Walker Poipu Evening
Poipu Evening
Oil on Canvas  
30 x 24 in
76 x 60 cm