Brian Eby

Brian  Eby
I am particularly interested in exploring light and atmospheric conditions in urban landscapes. Specifically I seek out subjects that are recognizable to everyone but that few notice or stop to admire. I am fascinated by the challenge of making the "ordinary" visually interesting…
Featured Piece
Brian  Eby Crosby Street Billboard

'Crosby Street Billboard'
- Oil on Canvas
12 x 12 in
30 x 30 cm

Brian  Eby Long Shadows
Long Shadows
Oil on Panel  
20 x 40 in
50 x 101 cm
Brian  Eby Midday in SOHO
Midday in SoHo
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 36 in
60 x 91 cm
Brian  Eby Starbucks on Robson
Starbucks on Robson
Oil on Panel  
20 x 40 in
50 x 101 cm
Brian  Eby The Diner
The Diner
Oil on Panel  
16 x 24 in
40 x 60 cm
Brian  Eby The Mercer Kitchen
The Mercer Kitchen SoHo
Oil on Canvas  
36 x 36 in
91 x 91 cm
Brian  Eby The Waverly
The Waverly
Oil on Panel  
11 x 14 in
27 x 35 cm