Andrea Padovani

Andrea  Padovani
When I work I paint. When I paint I dream. Working with colors is about following a stream. A stream which has a flow made up of lights, shadows, intensity and combinations. When I start I have a general plan, some good ideas but few details in mind. Going too much into the details, planning the whole scenario would end in spoiling the subject matter. Sometimes I succeed while other times I shred the canvas.
Featured Piece
Andrea  Padovani The Queen

The Queen
- Oil on Panel
20 x 16 in
50 x 40 cm

Andrea  Padovani Invisible Table Cloth
I Wish
Oil on Canvas  
16 x 20 in
40 x 50 cm
Andrea  Padovani Japanese Girl
Japanese Girl
Oil on Paper  
12 x 9 in
30 x 22 cm
Andrea  Padovani Life in the Mirror
Life in the Mirror
Oil on Canvas  
30 x 40 in
76 x 101 cm
Andrea  Padovani Like a Kiss
Like a Kiss
Oil on Canvas  
36 x 48 in
91 x 121 cm
Andrea  Padovani Love For Green
Love For Green
Oil on Canvas  
28 x 22 in
71 x 55 cm
Andrea  Padovani Memories
Oil on Panel.  
20 x 16 in
50 x 40 cm